Telegram Notifications

Splitbee allows you to send notifications if specific actions occur.

  • To get started, create new automation and select an event trigger
Event Trigger "Project Limit Reached"
Example trigger
  • Add a new Telegram Action
  • Send a message to the @SplitbeeBot with /start You will receive a unique Chat ID.
Getting the Chat ID with the Splitbee telegram bot
Splitbee Telegram Bot
  • Enter the Chat ID from the Splitbee Bot and write a message that should be sent to the chat. The message supports basic markdown & you can fill in user information. Just type { to get the autocomplete
Example telegram notification template
Example Telegram Template
  • you will receive a message from the Splitbee bot, every time the defined trigger is executed.
Telegram Notification: Project reached it's limit
Example Telegram Notification

Fill in user details in the message

You can add useful information to your message by using our templating system.

By typing { the auto-complete menu will open and suggest all possible values that can be filled in.

Template Autocompletion
Template Autocompletion
Example telegram message using template strings
Example Telegram Template