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Custom Domain

You can use custom domains to bypass ad blockers.



Create a new Cloudflare Worker

1. Click on the Workers tab & Create a new worker

notion image

2. Copy and replace the code from https://github.com/splitbee/proxy/blob/main/index.js into the text area from cloudflare workers.

Name your worker that you can recognize it afterwards

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3. Click on "Save and Deploy"

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Your worker is now available under https://something.else.workers.dev

You can already use https://something.else.workers.dev/sb.js as a custom domain in your script.

Link your Cloudflare managed domain to the worker

After deploying the worker, you need to navigate to one domain of your choice managed by Cloudflare.

1. Choose the "Workers" tab in the menu

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2. Press Add route

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3. Add the domain followed by /* you want the worker to be available at. In this example we are using feedback.fish. Our route would be: hive.feedback.fish/*

Just select the previously generated worker in the dropdown

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Last, we need to link the subdomain to a random ip. Navigate to DNS and create a new A record

notion image
Done! The new worker is available under hive.feedback.fish (not yours)

Use the custom domain in the script tag

Normally, you embed Splitbee as following

<script async src="https://cdn.splitbee.io/sb.js"></script>

If you want to use your custom domain, just replace the script with:

<script async src="https://something.else.workers.dev/sb.js"></script>

Feedback.fish example from above

<script async src="https://hive.feedback.fish/sb.js"></script>