Splitbee vs. Google Analytics

Learn why Splitbee is a great Google Analytics alternative.

Why choose Splitbee over Google Analytics?

Get more from your analytics tool with less bloat.

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Free Plan
Realtime Analytics
Simple to use
Privacy friendly
Great for SaaS
User Journey Explorer
A/B Testing
Sells your data

Splitbee has replaced Google Analytics for me. I’m such a fan of the simplicity 🙌

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Frontend Engineer

Made a switch from Google Analytics to Splitbee 🐝. Why? Because it's mixture of GA + Mixpanel + Optimizely.

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Founder, Contentdrips

Just added Splitbee to my website to replace Google Analytics, it looks and works awesome!

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Web Developer

Splitbee is different.
In the best way possible.

Does not track you around the web

Does not track you around the web

There is a reason why Google Analytics is offered for free. Google wants you to help them collect valuable data about you and your visitors that they sell to advertisers.

With Splitbee, your data is yours, and yours alone. We are a small company based in Austria that respects your privacy. We will never sell your data, which is why Splitbee is not free.

Your site stays fast

Your site stays fast

Google Analytics can be slow. Not just for you, but it slows down your website. This is because the Google Analytics script is big. If you are using gtag.js it is even worse. An additional 46kB of JavaScript are added to your page – that's quite a lot for finding out how many people use your website.

Even Google penalizes you in its search rankings if your website has a slow loading speed. That's why it's a great idea to a lightweight alternative like Splitbee. It is 14 times smaller (3.3kB) in size than Google Analytics, so your website remains as fast as usual.

Analytics you will actually use

Analytics you will actually use

Google Analytics is loaded with features. Maybe a bit too loaded. The result is an analytics tool that is overly complex and takes ages to load.

We believe web analytics should be fun and simple. That's why Splitbee built to be easy to understand, even if you never used analytics software before. Everything loads in a fraction of a second and is updates in real-time. Oh, and it even works great on your phone.

Do more, automatically

Do more, automatically

Splitbee doesn't stop at web analytics. If somebody signs up for your newsletter or buys something from your store, you can track it. Why don't we use this information more effectively?

With Splitbee Automations you can take action. For example, send yourself a notification on Telegram or Slack when something of interest happens. Someone signed up for your newsletter? Send them a thank you email, automatically. It's up to you with Automations.

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