Email Automations

Email automations are used to send recovery emails, marketing automations, and more. Splitbee can send emails to your users on your behalf after setting up DNS records.

Configure SMTP credentials

In order to send emails from your email/domain, you will need to setup SMTP credentials.

  • Go to Settings → Integrations → Email Setup and press Configure.
  • Enter the SMTP credentials and an example email that will be used to verify those.
  • Press Verify to test if your settings are correct.

Create your first email automation

  • Create new automation, name it, and select an event as a trigger. In our example, we are going to send a welcome mail after creating a new project!
  • Add a new mail action to the automation
  • You can now set the sender information, recipient, subject, and the mail's body. You can use our templating system to autofill values in the recipient, subject, or body

Just type { to get suggestions.

Your email automations are ready now. Your users will now get personalized emails