Get Started with Automations

Automations are a powerful tool that help you to run automated tasks when specific events occur. Use them for things like:

  • Send a welcome mail when someone subscribes to your newsletter
  • Receive a Telegram message every time a purchase is made
  • Send reactivation emails when a customer is inactive

All automation consists of two parts: A trigger, which can be an event or page view. It defines when the automation should run. With actions you can define what should happen.


You need to define a trigger that fires the automation. This can either be a page view or an event.


An automation can trigger one or multiple actions. Supported actions are:

  • Email → Send emails to your users or yourself (Reactivation, Alerts, ...)
  • Telegram → Send Telegram message to yourself (New sale, ...)
  • Webhooks → Can be used for everything that can't be done with other actions.

Supported Autocomplete Fields

user.idUnique ID generated by us
user.userIdYour userId that can be set. Can be undefined
user.linkContains a link to the user in the Splitbee Dashboard
user.countryCountry of the user in ISO format (US, DE, ...)