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Embed the script

Splitbee provides you the script during the setup of a new project

Embed Splitbee.js to get started

If you just want to use analytics and user tracking, be sure to add async or defer to the script tag

<script async src="https://cdn.splitbee.io/sb.js"></script>
Splitbee supports proxies to bypass ad-blockers.

Script attributes

data-apiAllows to use a custom Splitbee endpoint (used for proxies)

A/B Testing

When using A/B testing, your can prevent the initial content flash by making the script blocking. Removing the async property will make sure the page will render after the test has been executed. This way the user will not see the wrong variant of a split test.

<script src="https://cdn.splitbee.io/sb.js"></script>

Did we miss something? Not to worry! Just email our support team at hello@splitbee.io✌️