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PER Month
  • 5,000 page views

  • 50 automation executions

  • 50 identified users

  • Just you

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For medium-sized pages and apps.

PER Month
  • 50,000 page views

    +10$ per 50k
  • 250 automation executions

    +5$ per 250
  • 250 identified users

    +10$ per 500
  • Two Seats

    +9$ per seat
  • All features

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are identified users?

Users will count as identified when you add custom data (like their email address) to them. This is helpful when tracking events in an app or a website with a log-in area. Only active users count towards your monthly quota.

Can I track custom events?

Yes! This is useful for all types of interactions on your page, like button presses and form submissions. They can be used to find out conversion rates, create funnels as well for automations. Learn more about events here.

What are automations?

Automations allows you to run actions when a specific event is triggered.

Example Use-cases are:

  • Send your users a welcome email when they sign up
  • Notify yourself on Telegram every time a purchase is made
  • Call a custom webhook when a user is inactive for a week