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Splitbee Recap November #2


Dashboard Filtering

Drill-down your traffic to find out where your conversions come from

We introduced a filtering function that allows you to drill down your traffic. Filters are available for: Pages, Sources, UTM Campaigns, Referrer, Events, Country, Browser & Device.

Simply hover and press on the filter icon to see everything adapting to your set filter.

You would now see only page views from this referrer. If you have custom events to check your conversion rate, you will now see the conversion rate of the current cohort.

notion image

Event drill-down

When you send events with custom data you can drill down to each individual value. In this example we are showing the event Click CTA with custom data location (Hero, Footer, Inline)

This means, 69% of our users on splitbee.io clicked on the Hero Call to Action.

notion image

Email automations

You can use email automations to send email's on your behalf to your users. This could be a reactivation mail, success message or everything you can imaging. Adding your first email action is simple. Configure DNS records to let us send emails from your domain.

The email editor features full Markdown support and basic templating, which allows you to use dynamic values inside your template.


Find out more about it here.

Example email automation. Mail server setup not completed.
Example email automation. Mail server setup not completed.

Share your Dashboard

Splitbee now allows you to share you Dashboard with others using the public mode. Simple enable the option within the settings. You will receive a link that you can share with everyone. Post it on Twitter if you're an open startup enthusiast.

Check out our public dashboard here.

Not using Splitbee yet? Get started here 🎉

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Tobias Lins
Splitbee Founder