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Find user groups with ease


User filtering system

We added a new feature that helps you find specific users & user groups.

You find it on the Users page in the right section

Simple filter that targets people from
Simple filter that targets people from Austria

Targeting users that bounced in a funnel


It's possible to click each part of the bar chart create a new user group. For example, the growth manager wants to see all users that did not trigger Click Book Demo.

Example funnel showcasing drop-off rate
Example funnel showcasing drop-off rate

Use cases

  • Try to get the user back by sending them a mail after they bounced during your multi-step signup flow.
  • Get a user list of specific users that did trigger an event yet to send out a newsletter about this feature.
  • Analyze user behaviour of specific user groups

We are going to add a feature soon that lets you automatically send an email or webhook if a user did not do an event after a specific timeframe or after an action. For example: Send an Email to the user that started the registration flow but did not complete it after 24 hours.

Tobias Lins portrait
Tobias Lins
Splitbee Founder