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Splitbee joins Vercel to build the future of web analytics

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Two years ago, we started Splitbee with the goal to make great analytics accessible to everyone. Thanks to all of you, we have created a friendly analytics & conversion platform that we’re proud of. And today, we're excited to announce that we are joining Vercel to continue our goals. Vercel's goal is to give teams the tooling and capabilities they need to make the Web. Faster. Vercel Analytics, now with the support of Splitbee, has the potential to change how teams iterate and ship.

Here’s what this means for you as Splitbee user:

  • You will retain access to your Splitbee account while we expand Vercel Analytics
  • We will offer a way to migrate your data in the future
  • You can already take advantage of Analytics in Vercel
  • If you decide to cancel your Splitbee subscription, you are eligible for a refund 

We’re excited to continue to innovate on the power of web analytics at Vercel, and we hope you join us on this journey.

Tobias Lins portrait
Tobias Lins
Splitbee Founder