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Bringing real-time analytics to the next level


It's launch day. You've worked on your product for the past few months and it's finally time to announce it. If you're like us, you will spend more time looking at your analytics tool than you'd like to admit. We can't blame you. You worked hard for that moment, so better enjoy it.


It's amazing to see your page views go up. But how many people are actually on your website right now?


Introducing real-time online status. A live indicator of how many people are using your website or app. Available today for all Splitbee users.

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It doesn't end there. The online status not only visible on the dashboard. You can see it in the Users view as well. This makes it easy to understand what's going on on your app or website right now. Every time a users takes an action it pulses, letting you know there is something going on.

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We've been using the feature for the past week and it already gave us some great insights. Make sure to try it out and let us know how you like it.


As always, we are happy to hear your thoughts. Hit us up on Twitter @splitbee with your opinions.

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Tobias Lins
Splitbee Founder