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Faster everything. New pricing.


Today we're excited to announce our new pricing and give you an update on why Splitbee is faster than ever.

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Better Database


You might have noticed that Splitbee has gotten a lot faster. Especially when working with funnels or large amounts of data. The increased speed is not only due to our upgraded infrastructure but to the database migration we've gone through the past few weeks.

We switched from TimescaleDB to Clickhouse: A fast, column-based analytics database. While I don't want to get into too much detail in this blog post, let me outline why this is a big deal. By using a column-oriented database like Clickhouse, we get a few benefits:

  • The data required to create your stats are stored closer together on the disk, resulting in much faster load times.
  • Due to this difference, compressions works even better. Leading to less storage needed for the same amount of data.
  • Scaling is more straightforward
Average load time for a one year report with 50 million page views
Average load time for a one year report with 50 million page views

The new database lays the foundation for the future of Splitbee, giving us the flexibility to build features that weren't possible before.


Our new, simpler pricing


When working on our pricing, we made sure it was simple to understand and easy to predict. First and foremost, the Pro plan now includes unlimited automations and gives you an option for unlimited profiles (previously known as identified users). No more guessing how much you might need. In the process, our pricing page got a complete overhaul. It now includes a convenient slider to get a feel for how much your plan would cost. You can give it a try here. Besides that, there is now an option to pay yearly for a sweet discount. Combined with our new entry-level plan, you can start using Splitbee Pro for as little as $11/month. We also have great news if your app runs on multiple subdomains: You can now share your plan with all of them. Alongside the new pricing, we switched our payment provider as well. From now on, new customers get billed with Paddle instead of Stripe. The great thing about Paddle is that it takes the tax work off of our shoulders. Giving us more time to focus on what matter most: making Splitbee better.

Timo Lins portrait
Timo Lins
Splitbee Co-Founder