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See where your users drop-off and boost conversions


What is a Funnel?

You want your visitors/users to take specific actions. For example, you want them to go through a multi-step signup flow. Now your growth team want's to know why only a few people sign up. There's where a funnel comes in handy.

You define multiple steps that the user should complete, and you get a visualization of where most of your users dropped off. With this data, you can start optimizing your sign up process.


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Understanding the Funnel Visualization

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In the top bar you will see the outcome:

  • Completion Rate → Percentage of users who completed all steps of the defined Funnel
  • Number of users who completed the Funnel

How to build a conversion funnel?

In the funnel builder, you see all Events and Page Views that were dispatched before.

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Select an event that will define all users that are part of the Funnel. So, if your first event is Page View: / , all users that accessed the root page are part of the Funnel.


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