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Get to know your Traffic

Follow incoming traffic in real-time. Uncover where users come from and what pages they visit. Dive deep into your ad campaigns and see what converts best.
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Understand their journey

See your users actions and make sense of your data. Splitbee automatically tracks page views for you. Add custom events for the full story.
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Why people love Splitbee

Splitbee is a game changer. How did I not know about it earlier. It's actually the first web analytics that works the way I like.

Wojtek Mandrysz profile image
Software Architect

Very cool: Splitbee provides blazing fast and beautiful analytics, and with Next.js rewrites avoids the third-party domain 🤯

Guillermo Rauch profile image
CEO, Vercel

I really like Splitbee. UI is incredibly smooth, installation is easy... So far, the best analytics tool I've tried!

Thomas Sanlis profile image
Indie Maker

I can’t recommend Splitbee enough. Such a smooth user experience packed with necessary features without any bloat. 👏👏👏

Andrey Okonetchnikov profile image
Designer & Developer

See where customers get lost

Understand relations in your data by drilling down. Define user journeys to discover weak points on your website.
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Automate everything

Create flows triggered by user events. Send reactivation mails to your customers. Receive notifications for every sale you make. You decide with Splitbee Automations.
  • Send emails

    Onboard new users. Reactivate churning customers.

  • Receive Notifications

    Notify yourself on Telegram or Slack.

  • Write to Notion

    Automatically write data to your Notion database.

  • Webhooks

    Build what you can imagine.

Automation editor of Splitbee
Track Your Website on the Fly

See how your website is used. Understand user behavior. Take action.
Install Splitbee in less than a minute.

Different. In a good way.

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    Fast Dashboard

    No more staring at loading screens. Splitbee gives you the UX you deserve.
  • Security Lock

    Based in Europe

    Your data is stored securely in Europe. We never share your data or sell it to a third-party.
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    Easy to integrate

    One line of code and you are done.
    No need to be an expert.
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    Light on your page

    We assure your site stays fast. Splitbee is small in size (<4kb) and runs on a global network.
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    Insights in real-time

    See your dashboard update live. Understand users as they come and go.
A/B Testing

Split your traffic

Create and run experiments on your page. Compare multiple variants. See what works and increase conversions.
  • Split Test

    Balance traffic between multiple pages

  • Variation Test

    Try different wordings. Swap buttons, images and more

  • Custom Code Test

    Get programmatic access to test groups with Splitbee.js

Split Testing Screenshot. Two variations A/B